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Kokomo We Buy Cars will provide you with the fastest, easiest, and most reliable cash for car service that Indiana has to offer. 

If you have a junk car in your driveway that has been sitting there for months and you can’t seem to sell it, give us a call and we will do all the work for you. 

Just provide a few details about your junk car, accept a top cash offer, and have your junk car removed for free anywhere in the Kokomo, Indiana area.

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Call Kokomo We Buy Cars at (765) 347-9385 to start the process. That old, used or junk car is about to be history.

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We understand the difficulty in deciding to get rid of your car, and we understand how much more difficult it is to figure out how to get rid of your car all by yourself. Finding a dumping site and a towing company to transport your car takes a lot of time—and costs a lot of money. If you call us, we’ll take care of that for you. We help people like you with this every day, so we know how to meet your county’s local regulations. You won’t have to worry about a thing, and we’ll even handle all the paperwork.

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Whether the engine runs or not, we can take that car off your hands for CASH! Call Kokomo We Buy Cars at (765) 347-9385 today. Our welcoming, easy and quick car removal team will provide cater to YOUR needs with same-day pick up in Kokomo and you’ll walk away with cash in hand! We take out the expense of a middle man which means there is more money for you to get for selling your car to us. Yup, fast cash for your unwanted car.